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Embarrassing Problems: Stop Snoring

The following article hopes to explain all there is to know behind the mystical night time activity of snoring - read on for essential information on possible causes and learn how to stop.

According to the NHS a quarter of the UK are regular snorers while almost 50 percent of Brits have snored at one time in their lives.

For some, snoring can seem like a harmless habit however it can signal serious health problems and irritate the hell out of anyone sharing the same bed as you.

For those who are aware that they are regular snorers, read on for the causes of snoring and learn how to stop.

Embarrassing Problems: What is Snoring?

Snoring occurs when we sleep due to a slightly blocked air passage that does not allow us to breathe easily. The blockage may exist throughout the day but gets worse when we sleep because tissues in the nose, mouth and throat relax. These relaxed muscles then vibrate as the air we breathe in passes through them - thus producing the sound we associated with snoring.

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Embarrassing Problems: The causes of snoring?

There are several reasons why people snore and these vary from simple factors such as sleeping positions to high blood pressure caused from overeating or a lack of exercise.

Below is the full list of possible causes of snoring;

Excess tissue in the throat, nose and mouth: Snoring occurs as air vibrates off the excess tissue.

Breathing through your mouth only: This allows air to hit the back of your throat and causes vibrations which make that familiar snoring sound.

Overeating and/or Lack of Exercise: This can lead to increase fat around the throat which could decrease the strength of your muscle tone needed to keep the airway open. A narrow airway will not allow air to pass through easily which causes snoring. This cause of snoring is also linked to-

High blood pressure,
Heart disease,
Diabetes and
High cholesterol.

Small nostrils:

Small nasal passages also prevent us to breathe smoothly during sleep and leads to snoring.


If your tongue drops to the back of your throat while breathing this obstructs another vital air passage and leads to snoring.

Other causes of snoring include:

Sleeping Position,
Sleeping Pills,
Smoking and
Sleep apnoea.

Embarrassing Problems: What is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep apnoea refers to a blocked or collapsed airway that prevents the flow of air during breathing. Sufferers can stop breathing for several seconds as a result of their irregular breathing patterns.

“When breathing is obstructed, the body reacts by waking enough to start breathing again,” explains Professor Douglas Ross of Yale University.

“These arousals can occur hundreds of times each night. The person is never fully awakened by the loud snoring, choking and gasping for air that is typically associated with obstructive sleep apnoea.”

Embarrassing Problems: Do you snore?

The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association, a charity dedicated to raising the awareness of snoring and sleep apnoea in the UK claims there are several easy tests you can do to discover the cause of your snoring. To learn about the tests, Click here.

Embarrassing Problems: How to stop snoring.

Some experts claim that snoring is not completely curable yet improving your overall health can reduce the regularity of snoring significantly and is especially important if your snoring is a result of other serious health conditions, such as being overweight.

Those who snore due to small nasal passages or have a habit of sleeping with their mouths open can buy specific products to help open air passages and allow you to breathe smoothly. This will reduce the noise caused by snoring. The British Sleeping and Sleep Apnoea Association suggest a number of products available that can also relieve snoring caused by allergies. These include Kleerway Nasal Strips, Snore Calm Chin-Up Strips and Rhynil Herbal Spray. For more information on products available, visit: Products to Stop Snoring

If you are concerned you may suffer from sleep apnoea visiting your GP would be advised.

Embarrassing Problems: The bed partners of snorers.

However it is not just snorers who’s health is at risk - partners and those disturbed by others snoring are too. A study by Snoreze argues that half of all relationships in the UK are affected by snoring – that’s 15 million snorers in the UK alone. Read more: New Poll Reveals The Truth About Snoring

Are you affected by the snoring of your partner? If so, please leave your story and/or any advice that you can give to others suffering from snoring like you by using the Comment on this Article box below.

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