Health & Diet Tips

Find out how playing computer games can be good for you, especially as you get older.
Cutting glucose intake could combat lung cancer, new research reveals.
New US research points out the link between the foods we eat and an increase in developing Alzheimer's Disease.
Restriction on calories may improve genetic longevity, new US research reveals.
New research in the US has found increased nicotine levels in those who light-up cigarettes earlier in the morning.
Pycnogeoll, an anti-oxidant found in the bark of French maritime pine trees, can help reduce retina damage in diabetics.
Middle-aged men and women who engage in high levels of physical activity may be at risk of developing arthritis, a new US study reveals.
New studies reveal that Green tea not only helps you to lose weight but may improve the health of your bones too.
Latest Health News: new research confirms that Ice Cream and other fatty foods trick your brain in to pigging out.
Swine Flu Latest News: Was the public health response to swine flu alarmist?
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