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Win a Pair of Ugg BootsWin a Pair of Ugg Boots and keep your feet comfy and warm for....


The low carb Atkins Diet is a favourite among celebrities, but does it work and is it safe? Find out with our expert Atkins Diet advice.
From highest to lowest we name and shame the gory calorie details of the UKs most popular chocolate bars.
Healthy whole food recipe tips: Transform any recipe into a delicious, healthy option – even comfort food!
Too much salt is bad for your health. Salt in excess can cause health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and more.
There are so many diets around it’s hard to know what works, what’s healthy and what will work for you. Find out with our expert diet guide.


Turmeric not only lowers your chances of getting cancer and Alzheimer's disease, but may also reduce....
Eating grapes lowers your blood pressure, prevents heart muscle damage and wards off heart disease.
Find out how a diet designed to lower blood pressue can help protect women from heart diseases
Swine Flu Latest News: Was the public health response to swine flu alarmist?
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