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Win a Pair of Ugg BootsWin a Pair of Ugg Boots and keep your feet comfy and warm for....


Win a Pair of Ugg Boots and keep your feet comfy and warm for winter.
Petrea Dishman runs through the many health benefits of the super superfood from the Brazilian rainforest, acai berries.
Discover the benefits of vitamin supplements and alternative medicine with our directory and guide to vitamins and herbal remedies.
Reap the health benefits of a few simple Ayurvedic steps to boost your health and immune system as the months get colder.
Basil Turner explores the practice of meditation and its effects on our health.


Find out how a diet designed to lower blood pressue can help protect women from heart diseases
Swine Flu Latest News: Was the public health response to swine flu alarmist?
Large Thighs Best for Health: new research has revealed that large thighs protect against heart dise....
At least 1 in 5 Ayurvedic medicines sold via the internet contain dangerous levels of lead, mercury ....
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