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The Calorie Directory: Chocolate Snacks
From highest to lowest we name and shame the gory calorie details of the UKs most popular chocolate bars.
In this article:
  • Calorific Chocolates: Yorkie, Mars & Snickers top the list.
  • Low Calorie Chocolates: Milkybar, Kit Kat & Blue Riband.
  • How many calories in Cadbury's chocolate bar?

Calorie Directory: Chocolate Snacks

Yorkie, per bar (68g)
367 Calories

Boost, per bar (60.5g)
315 Calories

Mars, per bar (62.5g)
284 Calories

Snickers, per 58.7g
280 Calories

Twix, per bar
280 Calories

Lion bar, per bar (55g)
277 Calories

Double Decker, per bar (60g)
275 Calories

Munchies, per tube (54.7g)
273 Calories

Cadbury Dairy Milk Wholenut, per bar (49g)
270 Calories

Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunky, per bag (50g)
269 Calories

Kit Kat Chunky Milk, per bar (50g)
263 Calories

After Eight Bitesize, per tube (60g)
259 Calories

Peanut M&Ms, per bag (49.3 g)
250 Calories

Rolo, per tube (52.5g)
247 Calories

Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit And Nut, per bar (49g)
240 Calories

Milk Chocolate M&Ms, per bag (47.9 g)
240 Calories

Cadbury Dairy Milk With Caramel, per bar (49g)
235 Calories

Toffee Crisp, per bar (44g)
227 Calories

Bournville, per bar (45g)
225 Calories

Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted, per bar (45g)
210 Calories

Wispa, per bar
210 Calories

Flake Dipped, per bar (40g)
210 Calories

Aero Mint Bubbles, per bag (100g) 
198 Calories

Maltesers, per small pack
187 Calories

Crunchie, per bar (40g)
185 Calories

Smarties, per tube (40g)
184 Calories

Walnut Whip, per whip (35g)
173 Calories

Flake, per bar
170 Calories

Galaxy Ripple, per bar
175 Calories

Caramac, per bar (30g)
169 Calories

Aero, per bar (31g)
165 Calories

Milkybar Buttons, per bag (30g)
164 Calories

Milkybar, per bar (25g)
137 Calories

Fudge, per bar (25g)
110 Calories

Breakaway, per bar (21.5g)
107 Calories

Kit Kat, per 2 Finger bar
107 Calories

Blue Riband, per bar (19.5g)
99 Calories

Standard Animal Bar, per bar (19g)
96 Calories

Boots Shapers Double Choc, per bar
94 calories

Coolmint Matchmakers, per stick (4.2g)
20 Calories

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